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Helpful tips to keep dogs safe as force shines a light on pet theft

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Helpful tips to keep dogs safe as force shines a light on pet theft

Nottinghamshire Police is this week shining a light on the importance of keeping your dog’s safe from harm.

The guidance comes as the force’s Crime Prevention team wants to highlight the issue of pet theft as we enter pet theft awareness week, running from Monday 13th of March to Sunday 21th March 2023.

For many people across Nottinghamshire and throughout the country, their furry friends are a member of the family and act as companions.

The force has issued some helpful tips and reminders on how to keep your dog safe.

These include:

- Never leave your dog unattended, even if it is just to enter a shop/building for a few minutes.

- Make sure your property, garden, and surrounding areas are secure - if you have low fencing make it harder to climb by adding a trellis.

- Always keep gates and entrances locked and ensure kennels are not visible from the street.

- Make sure that whenever walking your dog in public, they are wearing a collar with a tag attached. Tags should include the owner's name and contact number but must NOT include your dog's name.

- Refrain from putting up signs that advertise the whereabouts of your pets to strangers; for example, putting a sign up on a gate asking for it to remain closed due to dogs running free or puppies at the address.

- REMEMBER- It is a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped.

The government has introduced a new law that can see thieves imprisoned for up to five years when committing a dog theft offence.

Tom Ford, a Nottinghamshire Police Crime Prevention Officer, said: “As the owner of two dogs, I understand first-hand why people are so concerned about them being stolen. We know that for many people dogs are part of the family, which is why we want to highlight issues regarding dog safety, using awareness week to share some helpful tips on how to keep your dog safe from harm.

“When you bring your dog home they become a member of the family, a friend to your children, and can act as a companionship for the elderly or those who live alone, we understand how heart-breaking it can be if they are stolen from you.

“We want to remind dog owners that whilst sharing your new puppy with friends and followers on social media can feel innocent, try to avoid posting pictures that give away clues as to your home address, enticing opportunistic thieves looking to steal your pride and joy.

“If you have concerns surrounding dog theft, follow these tips and if you believe your dog has been stolen; make sure you report it to us by calling 101, making an online report, or in an emergency always call 999.”

For more information and advice click the link below: Animal crime | Nottinghamshire Police




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