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Inspector for Broxtowe borough sets out policing priorities

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Inspector for Broxtowe borough sets out policing priorities

Inspector vows to put brakes on vehicle crime and build on successes after setting out priorities

Police have vowed to tackle vehicle theft head-on after identifying the crime type as a fresh policing priority for the Broxtowe borough.

Drug dealing and antisocial behaviour are the other priority issues being targeted by determined policing teams covering the area.

The updated priorities have been announced on the back of significant successes in combatting drug crime, including proactive enforcement to crack down on drug dealers and disrupt their criminality, as well as the dedicated Operation Potassium which has seen antisocial behaviour plummet in Beeston.

Inspector Mike Ebbins, District Commander for the Broxtowe borough, said: “Drug dealing in our area brings antisocial behaviour, theft, violence and exploitation of vulnerable people.

“Thanks to information given to us by members of the community, we have continued to make massive strides in combatting this problem.

"My team of officers execute, on average, three drugs warrants a week in your area so please keep the information coming through to Crimestoppers.

"We have made lots of arrests and seized a lot of money. We are also actively working with housing teams to get these properties closed down.

“Antisocial behaviour in Beeston has been a priority of mine over the last six months and Operation Potassium has been the proactive operation targeting individuals causing nuisance to our residents.

“The operation has been a huge success and we reduced antisocial behaviour calls by 31 per cent during our focused period.

"My officers will continue efforts to target hotspot locations and we continue to work with our partners to bring in diversionary programmes for these young people.”

He added: “We have now introduced a new crime priority for the area – vehicle theft.

"This will allow my team to focus attention on bikes theft in our town centres and car/motorbike theft further afield.

"The team will be utilising capture bike technology to identify thieves and track stolen items. We will also be focussing attention on second-hand retailers to ensure they are keeping accurate records.

“As always, I want to encourage anyone who is a victim of crime or who is experiencing issues in their areas to come forward – whether that’s vehicle-related crime, drug crime, antisocial behaviour or another concern.

"We are here to help and will continue to work extremely hard to tackle issues that we know matter most to our communities."

You can contact the Broxtowe Neighbourhood Policing Team via the Nottinghamshire police website here Broxtowe | Nottinghamshire Police or by calling 101.




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