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New priorities set out to spearhead fight against crime

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New priorities set out to spearhead fight against crime

A brand new set of policing priorities is being put into action across the Bassetlaw district.

In line with community feedback, Inspector Hayley Crawford has updated her top policing focuses after hearing about the issues that are at the heart of residents across the area.

The new set of priorities for the area include: tackling drug supply and use, antisocial behaviour and vehicle-related crime.

The crime priorities will now be at the forefront of the inspector's and the neighbourhood policing teams' minds throughout November and up until January next year.

The new priorities come as the neighbourhood team in the last month alone has arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of burglary after a car was stolen from its owner’s driveway, joined in an ongoing operation to tackle fuel thefts on the A1 resulting in the arrests of two men for burglary and snared a drug driver during a rural crime operation.

Insp Crawford, District Commander for Bassetlaw, explained how the new priorities are there to continue the fight to make sure the public are protected and criminals are brought to justice by tackling the areas of most concern to the people of Bassetlaw.

Insp Crawford said: “These priorities are here for us to focus on and really crack down on those people committing these sorts of crimes – this is not to say other crime will be bypassed and forgotten about.

“Myself and my officers who protect Bassetlaw take any crime extremely seriously and will still be doing everything in our power to bring any criminal to justice.

“We know that antisocial behaviour is something our communities really care about and want to see us tackling head-on.

“In the last few months we have carried out operations and increased patrols thanks to Safer Streets government funding on areas known to suffer from antisocial behaviour issues – this will not stop and we will continue to work with our partners at the council in listening to the public at regular drop-in sessions.

“When it comes to targeting drug supply and use my Operation Reacher team are out there, using intelligence and targeting houses and premises known to be being used by criminals for the illegal distribution of drugs.

“Drug use and the supply of drugs by criminals can have serious impacts on a community which is why my teams are so dedicated in cracking down on those breaking the law.”

There is also good news for another of the teams priorities – vehicle-related crime. Insp Crawford added: “We are also going to be placing even more focus on tackling vehicle-related crime including theft of and from vehicles, fuel theft and car key burglaries.

“I understand people’s vehicles are not just their pride and joy and their way of getting around but also for many people they are incredibly important for their business and that is why we are going to be focusing even more on combating this type of crime.

“We already work hard to bring those who commit vehicle-related crimes to justice and regularly carry out operations on the A1 targeting fuel thefts. We have worked with the council on ways to protect keyless car owners from theft in offering free Faraday pouches and working with our colleagues across the border to recognise patterns and target areas.

“I want to encourage anyone who is a victim of crime to come forward – whether that’s rural crime, vehicle crime, or antisocial behaviour – we are here to help and will continue to work extremely hard to tackle issues that mean the most to our community.”

You can contact the Bassetlaw neighbourhood team via the Nottinghamshire police website or by calling 101.




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