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Police dog chase leaves Mini Police amazed

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Police dog chase leaves Mini Police amazed

A group of school children have been left in awe after getting a first-hand look at the police dogs in action.

As part of their visit, the youngsters from Southwold Primary School in Broxtowe got to witness a police dog chase and were left in awe – clapping and shouting as the dog practiced chasing and catching an officer.

The fun didn’t stop there though as the dog unit then showed them exactly how a sniffer dog is put to work in detecting hidden drugs.

As part of the behind-the-scenes look on Wednesday (16 November), they were also treated to a talk by a firearms officer and even given the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of the cars, test the lights and sirens and get dressed up in police vests and helmets.

Their tour ended with a trip to the force’s memorial garden and a look at the pillars featuring the names of police officers who have lost their lives while on duty.

This visit, planned by local PCSOs from Broxtowe, is part of the force’s continued efforts to engage with young people and school children in Nottinghamshire.

The Nottinghamshire Mini Police is an engagement scheme designed to give young children the opportunity to learn about their safety, how police protect communities and also the tools and equipment at hand to keep people safe.

The visit is one of many planned throughout the school year with the PCSOs bringing children from different schools in the district to experience first-hand the work officers do.

City West PCSO Rachael Mason, who helped organise the visit and works alongside her colleagues going into schools in Broxtowe and educating school children, explained how important it is to get children to see police as being there to protect them and be a friendly face.

PCSO Mason said: “The kids really enjoyed their visit and hearing them speak of how great it was and seeing them fixated especially on the dog chase does make it worth it.

“Bringing them to HQ and giving them behind-the-scenes tours of our units, equipment and the different roles that make up the force is a great way for them to get a better understanding of what the police actually do.

“Engagement visits like this and working with the Mini Police in different schools in Broxtowe is so important in showing the children our work isn’t just about arresting people – explaining the reasons behind what we do and showing them the different units that make up Nottinghamshire Police is a great way of inspiring them and helping them trust us.

“Visits like this are so rewarding, not only to myself and the team but also to the officers the kids get to meet along the way as they make them and the team feel good in inspiring the younger generation.”



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