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Superintendent raising money for Ukraine orphans in virtual Atlantic challenge

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Superintendent raising money for Ukraine orphans in virtual Atlantic challenge

A senior police officer has set himself the oar-some challenge to row at least the width of the Atlantic Ocean from Lands' End to the coast of America.

Superintendent Paul Burrows is taking part to raise money for 'Hope and Homes for Children' who are supporting children who have lost parents as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The mammoth challenge will see him attempt to travel 4,989km - or 3,100 miles - but he won't have to go near the water as he'll by covering the distance on a rowing machine.

Supt Burrows began the fundraiser on 1 January 2022 and has been rowing 120km a week ever since.

Having already rowed 1,952km (1,212 miles), Supt Burrows is about a third of the way there so far but has vowed to continue to row up until 31 December just to see how far he can go.

Supt Burrows said: "It has been so upsetting to see the news about what is happening in Ukraine. It seems the least I can do is to try and help, and even if one child is supported then that will make a huge difference to their life.

"Hopefully with your support, many destitute children can receive the support they need.

"The challenge is already proving to be tough and a real physical and mental challenge, but I am determined to row every day when I can get access to a rowing machine.

“There are some personal factors such as illness, injury and my ability to find a rowing machine when on holiday which will play a part but knowing it's for a worthwhile cause boosts my motivation to keep on going."

Supt Burrows' aim is to raise £1,000 for the Hope and Homes for Children Ukrainian appeal.

He added: “Please show your support by donating whatever you can to this essential charity, every donation will count, no matter how big or small."

If you wish to donate to Paul's fundraiser, please visit the JustGiving page here.

Details of Hope and Homes for Children's work in Ukraine can be found be clicking here.



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